Simple Swaps

These simple swaps are what helped me get started on my own path to health. Learning to swap out common snacks with healthier alternatives proved crucial to my success. It also helped me not feel deprived.

I’ve added to this list as time has passed and I’ve found new alternatives. If you have something you’d like to add here—please comment below the post.


Instead of…. Try….
Sour Cream

Chip/Veggie Dip

Plain Greek Yogurt

Hummus, Plain Greek Yogurt mixed with your favorite seasoning

Soda Lemonade made with Organic Lemon Juice & Stevia or Honey; Use sparkling water for fizz
Milk Unsweetened Almond, Hemp, Rice or Coconut Milk Alternatives (read the ingredients list)
Cereal Oatmeal, Overnight Oats, Homemade Granola, Pancakes or Waffles topped with fresh/frozen fruit, scrambled eggs or an omlet with vegetables.
Cream Cheese Greek Yogurt, Goat Cheese, Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese
Dried Fruit/Fruit Cups Whole fruits—cut in large batch’s and pre-package for easy on-the-go snacks
Granola Bars Kind Bars, Quest Bars, Rise Bars or Homemade options (watch sugar intake!)
Conventional Beef Grass-Fed Beef
Conventional Eggs Free range, non-GMO fed, locally produced eggs
Energy Drinks Sprouted Chia Seed (can add lemon for zing)
Chips Kale Chips, Organic chips (non GMO), fresh veggies with greek yogurt dip, roasted carrot chips, roasted cabbage chips, roasted chickpeas
 Fast Food Lunch  Stop at the grocery store and grab a pre-made salad or another health offering instead. Even airports are full of healthy options these days if you look for them.
 Sugar (in baked goods)  Bananas (green for very minimal banana flavor), honey, agave, real maple syrup, dates and molasses are my favorites.
 Ice Cream  Frozen bananas! Again, use green banana's if you dislike banana flavor.


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