The 101 on DIY Natural Cleaning Ingredients

HB The 101 on DIY Natural Cleaning Ingredients

Using natural cleaning ingredients in your home is a great way to start lowering your exposure to the many harmful chemicals found in commercial cleaners. We are frequently asked what DIY natural cleaners we use to keep our home clean and our family safe.

This is a series of posts on the most common methods of using natural ingredients in our home. We have done our best to consolidate the abundance of information on these ingredients into simple and cohesive articles we hope you will find useful and return to time and time again.

Natural Ingredient Staples

A few of the most commonly used ingredients in DIY natural cleaners are:

Baking Soda
Apple Cider Vinegar
Castile Soap
Essential Oils
Witch Hazel

In this series of articles, we will cover each ingredient and list any safety or use concerns.  Some ingredients should not be used on certain surfaces or in certain ways. For example, you should not use vinegar to clean granite counter-tops and baking soda should not be used on aluminum cookware.

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