Welcome to my collection of Keto Recipes.

We follow a ketogenic or keto diet. This is also known as a low carb diet or LCHF (low carb high fat) diet.

One of the biggest “issues” with the ketogenic diet is low adherence over time. Most people will begin and then quit when they feel deprived or like they can't eat their favorite foods. This is where high quality Keto Recipes come in.

Here, you'll find a collection of our favorite keto recipes. I've created videos for you so that you can see just how simple cooking keto can be. Just click on the keto recipe you'd like to view and the video and recipe and nutrition facts are all there for you.

I've created many keto diet recipes that are simple to make and will help you stick to your ketogenic diet (or as I prefer to say keto lifestyle) for the long haul. I am constantly developing and adding keto recipes to my website and my Tara's Keto Kitchen YouTube channel. My goal is to have a resource where you can find keto diet recipes for everything from dessert to breakfast.

What exactly is a Keto Diet?

A ketogenic diet is not just for weight loss. The keto diet provides benefits related to blood sugar stabilization and research is showing it may be able to fight many chronic diseases.

A keto diet is a low carb diet. The body changes from using sugar (glycogen) for energy to using ketones instead. After a few weeks on the keto diet, the body produces ketones in the liver to be utilized for energy. You may have heard of it by various names – ketogenic diet, low carb diet, low carb high fat (LCHF) and even the Atkins diet.

How To Train Your Body To Burn Fat For Fuel

When you eat a standard diet, your body is using sugar (glycogen) for energy. This glycogen is stored in the muscles along with water. A standard diet is one that is high in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and low in fat.

As we have learned, a ketogenic diet is high in fat, moderate in protein and very low in carbohydrates.

When you begin a keto diet, you’ll probably notice a very large weight loss in the first week. This is due to your glycogen stores being depleted and the water stored along with them is pushed out of your body. If you were to go off of your keto diet, the water weight would immediately be re-gained and you start all over again with fat adaptation.

Eating a ketogenic diet forces your body to produce and use ketones instead of glycogen. It takes weeks for your body to become adapted to burning ketones. You many notice initial symptoms during this fat adaption process including fatigue, lethargy, headaches and cravings. It is important to learn how to make keto diet recipes at home so that you can stick to the keto diet long term.

You Can't Cheat on A Keto Diet and Expect Phenomenal Results

When you “cheat” on a keto diet, your body very quickly converts back to a glycogen-burning machine. It pulls water and stores it back in your muscles. Suddenly, you have regained all that water weight you had lost.

What About a Cyclical Keto Diet?

A “cyclical keto diet” is one where you eat a keto diet for 5-6 days and then take a day off and eat a standard diet. This happens “cyclically”. Initially, many experts believed that this could work. However, studies on the “cyclical keto diet” are largely showing to be ineffective.

This is because it takes 5-6 days for the body to get back to converting fat for fuel. Therefore, you may end up with a day or two of fat burning and then you eat carbohydrates and start all over again.

This makes NOT cheating on a keto diet absolutely critical. When you cheat on a keto diet, you start all over. This rule can be broken only after years and years of eating keto. How many years is still being determined and varies largely person to person.

So, How Do I Cook Keto?

Learning how to cook and bake for the ketogenic diet is not an easy undertaking. Many of the traditional baking rules are thrown out the window. Please comment with the types of articles and guides you would like to see me create over the next few years. I'm always looking for fellow keto diet friends to bring new and fun suggestions to the table!

Should I Log My Food On A Keto Diet?

Yes! We need to wrap our minds around eating more fat. While on a ketogenic diet, I strongly recommend logging your food. Eating high fat low carb is not intuitive. Especially for those of us who grew up in the “fat free era” and were taught that “eating fat makes you fat”. It's truly a challenge to get enough fat into your diet. This is one reason I'm always experimenting in the kitchen and developing new keto recipes for you.

What's The End Game?

The end result of the Ketogenic diet is to train your body to use your body fat stores as its primary energy source. To do this, we must eat a high fat/low carb keto diet. How high of fat? 70-80% fat is ideal for a ketogenic diet. Carbs should be kept around 5-10% with the remaining amount being protein.

One side effect of the Keto diet is a reduction in appetite. This begins to happen around week 2-4. This is a great time to begin incorporating intermittent fasting into your ketogenic diet. Begin by fasting for 12 hours. Stop eating 2-4 hours before going to bed and delay your breakfast in the morning by a few hours. Eat a high fat keto breakfast to break your fast. Work up to 16 hour fasts.

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