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What Is The Ketogenic Diet?

To understand the difference between a ketogenic diet and a low carb diet it is important to understand that a ketogenic diet isn't really a diet at all. It's a metabolic state.

Eating a ketogenic diet changes your body's primary energy source from sugar (glycogen) to ketones (fatty acids).

Essentially, your body becomes a fat-burning machine.

When done correctly, this leads to body fat loss and a plethora of other benefits that have people committing to eating a ketogenic diet for the rest of their lives.

I didn't know my body could feel THIS good. Before, when I ate a normal diet, I had aches and pains and walked around feeling terrible. I thought this was NORMAL! Now, I know how good my body can feel and I don't miss any of the junk I used to eat. The ketogenic diet is my superpower.

-Amy Schmidt (Client)

A ketogenic diet is not just for weight loss. The keto diet provides benefits related to blood sugar stabilization and research is showing it may be able to fight many chronic diseases.

To learn more about the Ketogenic Diet, watch the video below and explore the resources on this website. Then, contact Health Coach Tara and ask about how you can become a member.

Is The Keto Diet Right For Me?

I'm often asked this question…

Watch the video below for help deciding if eating keto is the right dietary theory for your body. If you have questions, head on over to the video on YouTube and ask them in the comments. We read the comments and respond to as many as possible each week.

How Can I Tell If I'm In Ketosis?

The most reliable way to tell if your body is in a state of ketosis is by using a blood ketone meter or using a reliable breath ketone testing device.

For blood testing, we personally use and recommend Keto Mojo. Click on the graphic below to learn more and to get a discount.

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For breath testing, we personally use and recommend the KetoScan Mini available on Amazon.

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