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Ask Us Anything About The Keto Diet

In our first ever AMA session, we covered a wide variety of topics regarding the keto diet. Tune in and listen to the replay!

Below the video, you'll find a list of topics we covered regarding the keto diet.

Still have questions? Comment below and let us know!

We shape our videos around commonly asked questions and appreciate your feedback and support.

How much weight should you be losing on Keto Diet?

How to know if you are in Ketosis? First signs? Ketosis test?

Wanting to start Keto Diet and get it right, should I get a Certified Nutritionist? or can I do it on my own?

Should I get a Keto monitor?

I'm very tired, is this normal?

Bulletproof coffee? Is it needed?

What about enzymes and supplements?

How does Tara cope with acid reflux?

What to do when you hit a plateau?

Is Tofu okay?

Are berries allowed?

What do you think about Slim Fast?

Still getting hungry. Not feeling satiated.

Is eating a lot of Bacon a good idea?

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