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Does Cyclical Keto Dieting Work?

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What is Cyclical Keto Dieting?

Does it work?

There's a lot of controversy around whether cyclical keto dieting is a good or bad idea so we decided to try it for ourselves for 6 weeks.

Carbohydrates are mostly avoided when you’re on a keto diet. Cyclical keto is when you eat keto for 5-6 days and going high carb for 1-2 days.

Sounds great right?

I mean, isn't that the dream? Be “good” during the week and then eat what you want on the weekend?

We had read a lot about it…and were skeptical.

So, we decided to be human experiments and give it a try for ourselves!

Watch the video for the FULL details… here's a brief summary for those who are short on time or prefer to read!

But first…

Have you ever tried cyclical keto? Are you considering trying it?

Comment below and tell us about your experiences and thoughts!

At the first few weeks it seemed easy. We were looking forward to weekend because of what we get to eat. It felt good for the first few weeks but as time progress it was getting hard to get back on keto and the cravings comes back. After 6 weeks we agreed that cyclical was NOT for us… and we went back to full-time keto.

So, who could cyclical work for?

We could see cyclical keto dieting working for someone who would have zero temptation to carb-binge on the weekend. The problem is… you get into this cycle of feeling deprivation that neither of us experience when we just stay Keto all the time.

So for us cyclical keto dieting is totally off the table as an option for the way we want to intentionally feed our body.

I'm not saying we'll NEVER go off Keto again… but it won't be every week and we'll plan it in advance and have a plan to transition back to Keto after a short time period.

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