Natural Therapy for Sore Muscles: Foam Rolling

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BL Title Foam RollerHave you ever tried foam rolling?

Wondering what it is?

Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release that is commonly used by athletes and physical therapists. It is a form of stretching and muscle therapy that involves the use of a large foam roller.

Foam rollers come in various shapes and sizes as you can see in the picture below.

Three years ago, I was introduced to foam rolling by a physical therapist. As I researched foam rollers, I discovered that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures and are very affordable.

Foam Rolling is as beneficial for your body as a massage and has similar benefits. It helps you to release tension in your muscles which has helped me reduce workout related muscle pain as well as chronic soreness due to a full-time job sitting in front of my desk.

As I researched foam rolling, I found that it actually assists your body in the removal of lactic acid from your muscles which improves your recovery time. It also breaks up scar tissue, prevents injury, improves circulation and removes toxins.

Foam rolling has helped me increase my flexibility and range of motion in various areas.

The short blue foam roller was the first one I ever purchased. When my husband showed interest, I purchased the orange bumpy one. A few years later, I was shown how to do some additional things with a longer foam roller and invested in the long one.

IN Foam rolling has helped me increase my flexibility and range of motion in various areas.As you get started, I encourage you to watch some YouTube Videos on how to foam roll. There are a lot of instructional videos out there. This one is one of my favorites—taught by physical therapist and Pilates instructor Jessica Valant, MSPT.

Tony Horton uses a foam roller a lot in P90X2 as well and there’s an entire workout dedicated just to foam rolling. If you would like more information on this program, click here to be taken to my Beachbody Website.

Foam Rolling is something that has changed my life for the better, especially when I’m consistent with it. I highly recommend you invest in a foam roller and give it a try.

A few tips that health professionals have shared with me over the years:

  • Foam Rolling first thing in the morning will help loosen up sore/tight muscles
  • Foam Rolling for 10 minutes before a workout can help warm up muscles and prevent injuries. Try 2 minutes in each trouble spot
  • After a strenuous workout, foam rolling is a great way to help reduce lactic acid build up in the muscles
  • Be consistent with foam rolling. It is a little painful at first, but you will quickly adapt and learn to enjoy the many benefits foam rolling brings to your life.

TW Foam Rolling first thing in the morning will help loosen up sore-tight muscles

After I finish foam rolling, I like to rub in Young Living’s Ortho Sport Massage Oil or Ortho Ease Massage Oil. I also sometimes make my own massage oil using Cool Azul (Essential Oil Blend) and V-6 carrier oil.

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