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I'm often ask “Where did you get that kitchen tool?”. Here's a list of my favorite kitchen tools that make working in the kitchen even more fun. You'll also find our travel essentials list at the bottom of the page. P.S. These are all affiliate links. Thank you so very much for supporting our blog & mission.

  • A salad spinner is a versatile kitchen tool because it can double as a strainer and makes washing & rinsing lettuce, fruit & produce a breeze.

    Take out the inside strainer and fill half way with cold water. Add a half-capful of Young Living Fruit & Veggie Soak and mix.

    Cut off the bottom of your lettuce and tear it up into the strainer bowl. Then submerge the lettuce into the wash mix and follow the instructions on the bottle.

    Rinse thoroughly under cold water and spin the water out of the leaves. Move the lettuce around and repeat the spin.

  • Meet my favorite salad dressing whisk. This guy is super easy to clean and does the job with a colorful flair. It's one of my prettier kitchen tools.

    Want something with less color?

    This guy is just super cute. It makes me wanna go mix something up with this whisk!

  • Mini-spatula's are an essential tool in the kitchen when you make your own whips, salad dressings and other desserts. These are also great for getting into the bottom of nut butter jars.

    Tip: When I'm shopping for spatula's, I look for ones with silicone handles because the wood handles just don't hold up well over time in the dishwasher.

  • Kitchen Scale
    The most accurate way to measure ingredients is by weight. In my “EveryDay Keto” course, we talk about weighing our food to learn portion sizes. Plus, kids just love learning using a simple scale.
    It's important to me that my scale be useful but compact. I want to be able to slide it into a drawer for easy stowing. This one does the trick and belongs on my list of favorite kitchen tools.
  • Cast Iron Skillet

    A cast iron skillet is priceless in the kitchen, especially when cooking with fat! We cook everything from bacon to pancakes in our cast iron skillet. You'll generally find it sitting right on our stove-top!

  • Ceramic Baking SheetWe absolutely love our ceramic baking sheets. They clean up incredibly easily and are durable over time. Two qualities we all look for in kitchen tools! We've been using them for years and recommend them to all our friends & family.
  • Glass measuring cups are so commonly used in our kitchen that we have multiples of each size. These are a ‘must' for your kitchen tool list.
  • A good set of stainless steel measuring cups & spoons are essential kitchen tools. I prefer stainless steel over plastic because they seem to hold up over time better.
  • We love cheese and this cheese grater gets some heavy use. We really like the shape and sturdiness of this version.

    This is also used to grate or thinly slice vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers or onions for our salads. It's not just a cheese grater!

  • Having an electric wok has been an amazing experience. It keeps the splatter away from our gas-range which makes clean-up a breeze. We make things like stir-fry green beans, stir-fry cabbage & sausage and so many yummy and delicious dishes with this.
  • A hand-held mixer is an important and often used tool. We use it to whip up heavy cream to make real whipped cream and to make our famous ‘cheesecake' no-bake dessert.

    I love the kitchen aid mixer because of all the fun colors–and i just like the kitchen aid brand.

  • The crock-pot. One of modern times greatest kitchen tools.

    We use ours for everything from roasts to chili to roasted vegetables. It's a great way to “roast” things without turning your oven on during the hot summer months.

  • A meat thermometer is another often used tool in our kitchen whenever we cook meat. We want to make sure we've cooked it to the perfect temperature.

    We really like this one because it works well and has a dual probe option.


    This multipurpose kitchen tool is a must-have in our kitchen. We've got four pair since they always seem to be “in-use”.

Tara's “To-Go” Essentials

  • Taking salad dressing or veggie dips “to-go” is a breeze with these little gems. They don't leak, are dishwasher safe and are my all-time-favorite find of 2017. They have a 2.3 ounce capacity and have a wide mouth. Follow the affiliate link over to Amazon for more pictures.

  • These are our ‘go-to' to-go containers. We've purchased multiple sets so they stack up beautifully in our storage area. These hold up great in the freezer. The 1 and 2 cup containers are perfect for individual serving sizes when you batch cook things like chili or stew. The small 1/2 cup containers are great for holding nuts & seeds or snacks or salad toppings!

  • We love our coffee & tea and we love Contigo to-go cups. They keep our liquids warm. (And when we want them to, they keep liquids cold!)
    They also work great for home-made bone broth. They are dishwasher safe–but for longevity I recommend hand washing.
  • This one is just so pretty that it has to go on my list here (and is now on my wish list!)

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