“For the longest time, I thought that just working out would be enough to help me reach my fitness and weight goals. After many years of frustration, I found that it wasn't going to be enough. It wasn't until I started Les Mills Pump and was consistently sticking to the workout plan PLUS planning ahead and eating consistently healthy meals that I started seeing results. In just one week I lost almost 4 pounds. It's so clear to me now that you need exercise AND better nutrition to get good results – this absolutely proves it for me!”

Melissa, Ames IA

Tara came to my rescue when I was stuck at a plateau with my weightloss. She has led me down a path of unprocessed whole foods which has greatly moved me closer to my goal weight. I've learned how calories are not created equal, how to choose the right foods, and what my body requires to function properly and lose weight. If it wasn't for Tara, I'd still be stuck on that plateau. Thanks so much Tara for your knowledge and holding me accountable.

Josh, Ottumwa IA

Before I worked with Tara, I really struggled with how to really get started on my weight-loss journey. I had stopped and started for years with no success. Once I started working with Tara, she had some GREAT suggestions that were seemingly small – but so HUGE as it really turned things around! She really encouraged me and taught me that I could do things I thought wouldn't work and I was able to build bigger successes upon the smaller successes. She also encouraged me every step of the way and sharing with me the things that she would have done differently. It's always inspiring to hear you are not alone in your struggles. Tara does a great job of really listening to you, and is very patient and very creative when offering suggestions on how to overcome obstacles. Now, I am able to look at any success and use that to build to my next success. My health and my energy just get better and better all the time. I appreciate Tara and her expertise and experience so much!! Thank you, Tara!

Isa, Clive IA

I met Tara Wright about a year ago and our relationship began with her as my personal trainer. Tara created a workout regimen based on my age, fitness level and personal goals and I met with her biweekly for accountability, encouragement and advancements in my workout program. I was so pleased with her professionalism, her knowledge and her encouragement.

Because of my job, and the distance needed to meet personally, we changed our accountability to regular online meetings. Tara introduced me to Team Beachbody and Shakeology during that time and we were able to meet much more frequently. She was able to motivate and encourage me while holding me accountable and providing me with the professional fitness knowledge I needed to continue to have success.

Out of our relationship, Tara then encouraged me to try Focus T25, a dvd workout program designed for people who have trouble finding the time to work out regularly but still want a level of intensity to progress through.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working out with T25 and have made progress in my fitness and health by committing to this program. Tara continues to provide me with professional advice, encouragement and motivation to move forward. By introducing me to Shakeology, I have been able to add an extra measure of nutrition to my clean eating diet.

Tara is professional, educated, committed and highly motivated to bring cutting edge fitness information and resources to her clients. She has encouraged me to set personal, achievable goals, respects my lifestyle and helps me work through my weaknesses. She not only cares about fitness and nutrition, but she genuinely cares for each and every person she has an opportunity to work with, and even those she only touches with an opportunity to share her passion. Not only is she a fabulous personal trainer, she has also become my friend.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandi Rund, IA