the right way to do Keto

The Right Way To Do Keto

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The MOST common question that we get from our audience (and clients)…

What is the RIGHT way to do the keto diet?

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So, what's the answer? How do we know if we're doing the keto diet correctly?

In the video, you'll learn about the three main perspectives on the keto diet.

You'll start to understand why there's so much disagreement around how to do keto the right way.

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Our goal for you, is that at the end of this video, you'll have information you need to decide what level of the keto diet is right for you!

We also had fantastic questions asked by our audience. Questions so good that we decided our next video will be an AMA! (Ask me anything).

We hope that you'll join us live and ask your questions about the keto diet.

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Watch the replay of our live video below where we cover:

  • Three main methods in regard to how to do the keto diet the right way.
  • Is a calorie a calorie? Should we be obsessing about calories on a ketogenic diet?
  • The keto diet emergency plan life hack.
  • How to test different foods and how to think about your blood sugar.

What are your biggest Keto Diet Questions?? Comment and let us know!

Your questions shape our livecasts each week!

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Have you started the keto diet?

If so, comment and let us know how long you've been eating keto.

If not, comment and let us know what's holding you back!

Your situation may be featured in an upcoming live cast on YouTube!

For now…

Here's a few other blog posts about the keto diet we think you'll like!


  1. Dr Jason Fung says that you shouldn’t restrict calories even during IF because when you do, your metabolism slows down to compensate. Then when you eat more than you had been, for whatever reason, your metabolism doesn’t speed up, and as a result you gain weight.

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