keto blue cheese dressing on salad

Easy Keto Blue Cheese Dressing

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Easy Keto Blue Cheese Dressing

Blue Cheese Dressing is one of those things that I've deprived myself of for most of my life. I absolutely love it!

I grew up in the "Fat Free" era. Do you know what I mean?

When we were told "fat is bad for you" and "fat makes you fat". 

It's no wonder I suffered from various ailments from the time I learned this (as a young teenager) until I uncovered the lie (in my 30's!).

What is your story? Comment and share it with me below or send me an email!

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It still took me seven years to learn enough from the experts to believe in the Keto Lifestyle. I was a hard-core skeptic!

After years of listening and watching a number of experts (MD's, PhD's & Researchers) I had trained with during my health coaching education--I fully embraced a Keto lifestyle to overhaul my personal health.

I have to tell you--I was pretty excited to be able to eat full-fat blue cheese dressing without any guilt!

This was one of the very first keto recipes I created.

This blue cheese dressing is keto friendly and doubles as a dip for veggies or wings.

keto blue cheese dressing

It doesn't get much easier than this!

Searching For A Store-Bought Option

Sometimes you want to find a low carb salad dressing at the store to save time. I've found that these are pretty challenging to find. Every time I think I've found a good one, I read the ingredient list and discover the dressing is full of food additives and preservatives that most of us don't want anything to do with. I've also noticed that for some reason many manufacturers think they need to add sugar to blue cheese dressing. Ick! No thank you!

DIY Keto Blue Cheese Dressing is Easy To Make!

Fortunately, it's simple to make your own with just a few basic ingredients. This easy Keto Dressing uses basic ingredients that you probably already have around the house. (Well, except maybe the blue cheese...unless you're like us and like to crumble it in all the salads!)

You can make this recipe either with heavy whipping cream or with kefir.

Kefir is a fermented food you can make yourself and enjoy to benefit your gut health. More on kefir later in this post.

Fermented food (like kefir) is recommended on a keto diet by many experts

Macros (Kefir) 84% fat ~ 6.5% Carb ~ 8.5% Protein

(Cream) 92% Fat ~ 4% Carb ~ 5% Protein

Easy Keto Blue Cheese Dressing

A simple and delicious keto blue cheese salad dressing that the whole family will love! For the base you can either use Whole Milk Keifer or Heavy Whipping Cream. Nutrition facts are for Kefir.
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Course: Keto, Salad
Cuisine: Keto
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 20 Servings (approx)
Author: Tara Wright



  • Whisk or blend all the ingredients except for the blue cheese together
  • Crumble/chop the blue cheese into small pieces and stir into the dressing base. Enjoy!


1 Serving is a little over 2 Tablespoons.
More Blue Cheese Flavor
If you want a stronger blue cheese flavor, simply blend the blue cheese into the creamy base using a blender. Then toss in another handful of blue cheese crumbles.
For a Smooth & Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing
Want it completely smooth with no chunks? Just blend all of the ingredients together.
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Calories: 41kcal | Fat: 3g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 4mg | Sodium: 125mg | Potassium: 7mg | Vitamin A: 40IU | Vitamin C: 0.7mg | Calcium: 26mg

A Quick Overview of Kefir

Kefir is a fermented milk beverage containing good-for-your-gut bacteria called probiotics.

Research shows that our immune system is predominately in our gut. Many experts are calling our gut "the second brain"

Why Kefir?

Milk Kefir is a tangy fermented beverage that is loaded with good for you gut bugs (priobiotics). We love kefir in any cream based salad dressing is a great way to enjoy it's tangy flavor. It also has a fantastic shelf life in the refrigerator.

If you are lactose intolerant, you may be able to tolerate milk kefir because of it's fermented state. You know your body best. Try a small amount and proceed with caution.

What if I don't have Kefir?

No problem! Instead of using milk kefir, just use heavy whipping cream. Heavy whipping cream is a wonderful ingredient for a keto recipe because it's very low in carbs.

How many carbohydrates are in Kefir?

If you head to the store and look at a kefir label, you'll notice the commercially packaged kefir has quite a few carbs.

Companies who mass produce kefir use a different process than we do when making it at home. The reason behind this is because they want a more shelf-stable product. The consequence is an end product with a higher carb count.

I encourage you to make your own kefir at home to truly enjoy a low carb kefir. The tangier it is, the lower the carb count.

During the fermentation process, the kefir grains digest the lactose in milk. (Lactose is sugar found in milk) 

We ferment ours for 3 days which results in a tangy and low-carb kefir beverage!

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keto salad dressed with keto blue cheese dressing

Things Used in Easy Keto Blue Cheese Dressing

*Warning- NEVER ingest any oil other than Young Living Vitality oils. The majority of Essential Oils on the market are adulterated with synthetic chemicals/ingredients that may be harmful for your health. When my recipes mention “Essential Oil”–I am always referring to Young Living Vitality Essential Oils. They are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) according to the FDA.

We trust Young Living exclusively because we've been to their farms, asked questions of their technicians and scientists and even called and ask questions of customer service.

Young Living knows exactly where every single sourced oil comes from, has incredibly stringent (to the point of ridiculous according to their competitors) quality control, and absolutely won't blink an eye at rejecting large batch's of ingredients if something tests suspiciously. They do it all the time.

Want to learn more about this amazing company? Send me an email at and let's chat 🙂

Black Pepper Vitality Essential Oil

Note that the links in this blog are affiliate links when possible. An “affiliate link” is a way for me to earn money to help support my business. Affiliate links cost you nothing extra. They work like this: You choose to click on an affiliate link on my website and make a purchase. Depending on my relationship with that company you just purchased from–I earn either a small percentage or a fixed amount for “referring” you to the company.

I only refer you to products and brands that I have used in the past or are currently using and that I like the quality of. In some cases, products are discontinued and I find a substitution. This is usually only for kitchen gadgets but sometimes companies stop making ingredients too!

Thank you for considering using my affiliate links and helping me out 🙂

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About the Author

Tara Wright, CHC, MBA


Tara is a Certified Holistic Health Coach who specializes in whole body health & wellness through holistic principles. Her passion is creating low-carb, grain-free, keto-friendly recipes and helping others learn the whole-body benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle.

When she isn't creating recipes in the kitchen, you can find her hanging with her kids, immersed in a good book, traveling with her husband, attending various educational conferences or just relaxing with her four cats!

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