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No Added Sugar Cranberry Sauce Recipe (Keto, Low Carb, Paleo)

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I'm very excited to share my recipe for No Sugar Added Cranberry Sauce!

As we approached the holidays, my husband asked if I could create a keto cranberry sauce recipe! One that wouldn't leave him missing out on one of his favorite holiday dishes. So, I started experimenting.

Inspired to create an end result with full flavor, I played around with some ‘secret ingredients' until I got the flavors just right.

This Keto Cranberry Sauce is utter cranberry perfection. Just a little bit goes a long way.

no sugar added cranberry sauce recipe shown in a glass bowl with cranberries around it

Did you know that cranberries only have 4 grams of sugar in 1 cup of whole berries?

This means you CAN have your Cranberry Sauce while on a Keto Diet. All you have to do is make it yourself.

This keto recipe is SO easy to make, you'll never go back to the canned stuff again.

The amount of Stevia and Monk Fruit Sweetener are starting guidelines in this keto Cranberry Sauce recipe. You'll want to adjust the sweetness to your taste.

Remember, that cranberry sauce should be tart enough so a tablespoon or so of the finished sauce tastes amazing on your Thanksgiving turkey.

Video Tutorial: Keto Cranberry Sauce

Finally, here's the video tutorial for keto cranberry sauce. You'll find it easy to make and delicious to indulge in.

Print out the recipe card located below the video and follow along.

Then, scroll down and read about substitutions & tips for making this keto recipe amazing!

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The Secret Ingredients in Keto Cranberry Sauce

My grandpa was a chef and taught my mom a few tricks to enhance the flavors of food. Consequently, these tricks were passed down to me and there's a few I use here to enhance the natural flavors of the cranberries.

The secret ingredients for this Cranberry Sauce recipe are the almond extract and the Orange Vitality Essential Oil by Young Living.

Especially relevant is the quality of Essential Oil used in this recipe. Ingesting a poor quality essential oil can be unsafe. Chemical additives and questionable ingredients are put in most essential oils on the market.

I ONLY recommend Young Living Vitality essential oils for internal use.  I would never ingest any brand of essential oil other than Young Living. Therefore, I would never recommend anyone else ingest any other brand of essential oil.


Unfortunately, the majority of brands on the market are cut with synthetic chemicals and very diluted. Check out for information about Young Living's industry leading quality control standards. Visit their farms, ask questions and above all never stop approaching everything with many many questions and a healthy level of skepticism.

Bocha Sweet?

Discovering the super food alternative sugar, Bocha Sweet, radically changed things for me. All of a sudden, I could make keto friendly recipes that tasted amazing and didn't have that tinny aftertaste that so many sugar substitutes on the market have.

With some additional research, I discovered that Bocha Sweet is actually a super food! It is an extract from the Kabocha Pumpkin which has been a super food staple in the Japanese diet way longer than either of us has been around.

Kabocha Extract boast a whole host of good for your body benefits. I love that it not only tastes amazing but is also good for my whole body.

Now, back to the Keto Cranberry Sauce…

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Substitutions for Keto Cranberry Sauce

You can replace the Orange Vitality Essential Oil by Young Living with the juice of 1 fresh Orange and 1 TBS of the rind (finely grated). Note that this substitution will increase the sugar in this Cranberry Sauce Recipe. If you're determined to keep this low sugar, experiment with just using the rind.

Because this is a “family” sized cranberry sauce recipe. You could easily cut this in half to serve a smaller group.

I recommend that you make your low carb cranberry sauce a few days in advance and keep it in the refrigerator for up to one week. You'll find this a beautiful and delicious addition to your holiday meal.

The Ingredients

For the best possible results, choose high quality ingredients.

Because shopping on Amazon is so EASY– I buy the majority of my Keto Ingredients from them. Here are my favorite ingredients for this keto recipe:

Check out my “Sugar Substitute Guide” for more information on how to use Sugar Substitutes that are not Artificial Sweeteners!

no sugar added keto cranberry sauce photo 3

No Sugar Added Cranberry Sauce (Keto Friendly)

Thanksgiving is approaching and you need a low sugar keto cranberry sauce recipe so that you can stay on your ketogenic diet over the holidays. Or, maybe you just choose to not eat “added sugar” and are looking for a low sugar  cranberry sauce recipe that still packs full flavor.

You can have your cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving while on a Keto Diet!
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Course: Holiday, Keto, Kid-Friendly, Main Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: thanksgiving
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Servings: 24 Servings
Author: Tara Wright



  • In a large saucepan, combine water and granulated monk fruit sweetener and heat over medium until sugars are dissolved.
  • Add cranberries and your 2 large pieces of orange rind (optional). Bring to a boil over medium high heat. You will hear cranberries begin to “pop”. Reduce heat to medium­ low so that the cranberry mixture retains a simmer. Stir every minute or so to ensure even heating.
  • Simmer for 20­ – 25 minutes until mixture is thickened. Turn off heat and remove pan from any hot heating surface.
  • Slowly stir in almond extract, liquid stevia and 6 drops of Young Living's Orange or Tangerine oil (optional)
  • Taste test once cooled and stir in additional stevia drops if more sweetener is needed for your family's tastes. We like ours slightly tart!
  • Let cool and store in a GLASS container for up to 1 week in your refrigerator.


This recipe is fairly flexible I tend to under sweeten to begin with as I've had it turn out too sweet.  If you need to sweeten it a little more once it is already finished, just add a few more stevia drops and stir in.


For Orange or Tangerine Young Living Essential OilDO NOT USE ANY OTHER  BRAND. ­­ALWAYS READ LABELS and check for Do Not Ingest or Do Not Take Internally
Young Living Essential Oils are the only one's we trust to take internally. I would not recommend any other brand currently on the market.
You may purchase Young Living Essential Oils from my website here: or from a local distributor!
Nutrition Facts are provided as estimates.


Calories: 8kcal | Carbohydrates: 2g | Potassium: 16mg | Vitamin A: 10IU | Vitamin C: 2.6mg | Calcium: 2mg | Iron: 0.1mg

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